On your first visit, you will be welcomed by Grace, our office manager, and asked to fill out a general health questionaire. At this time, if applicable, please provide us with a list of any medications you take. It is extremely helpful to us if your previous dental records are forwarded to our office vie email before your first visit

To begin the physical portion of your visit,
we provide you with a detailed head and neck exam and check for any signs of oral cancer.

After completing the intake process, one of our dental hygienists or assistants will escort you to the dental chair. You will be introduced to Dr. Friedrich and your dental adventure will begin.

We will review your health history and address any immediate concerns you might have.

If your previous x-rays have not been forwarded to our office, we will decide what x-ray are necessary and produce them at our facility, which uses state-of-the-art digital technology.

After an initial examination, we will present our findings to you and establish a treatment plan. If time permits, we will follow with a cleaning. If further appointments are required, our front desk staff will schedule these for you.

Please also provide your insurance information, or talk to us about alternative financial arrangements. We are a fee-for-service dental care provider.


14 Boston St. Seattle, WA 98109

(206) 284-2136


In case of a dental emergency outside of our normal business hours (Monday through Thursday, 8 am through 5 pm), please call: